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Correia Botelho & Associados

With its office located in the heart of Lisbon, Correia Botelho & Associados is a traditional law firm providing a wide range of services in the national and international markets.

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The existence of a material law of transport becomes so necessary as it is certain that the transport of goods, in any of its modalities, is subject to various vicissitudes that may give rise to situations which, due to their legal relevance, require recourse to that law for their resolution. 

Correia Botelho & Associados was created to provide legal advice to companies in the area of Transport Law, relying on a group of specialised lawyers with a vast experience and a strong vocation in the area of Maritime Law.

Founded by Joaquim Correia Botelho, with vast experience working for several companies in the maritime field, the Firm combines respect for the ethical rules that govern the practice of law with the rigorous defence of its clients' interests.

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As long as there is trade, imports and exports, there will always be transport. Hence the importance of transport law both in its institutional dimension, in the sense of regulating and disciplining transport and the respective carriers, fixing the requirements which these must obey in order to be able to act in the market and in its material dimension in the sense of regulating the various transport contracts in the aforementioned modalities.

It is precisely in this material law of transport, with special incidence in the maritime law of transport, that CBA LAW has been specializing, having as its clients some of the various players that, in this environment, act.


Our partners support us in providing a personalised service of choice, combining absolute respect for the principles of the profession with the uncompromising defence of the client's interests.